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Bourne shell

Bourne shell

Bourne shell is a pl created in 1977.

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The Bourne shell (sh) is a shell, or command-line interpreter, for computer operating systems. The Bourne shell was the default shell for Version 7 Unix. Most Unix-like systems continue to have /bin/sh—which will be the Bourne shell, or a symbolic link or hard link to a compatible shell—even when other shells are used by most users. Read more on Wikipedia...

Language features

Feature Supported Example Token
#!/bin/sh -x

Books about Bourne shell on goodreads

title author year reviews ratings rating
Portable Shell Programming: An Extensive Collection of Bourne Shell Examples Bruce Blinn 1995 3 11 4.18
Text-Oriented Programming Languages: Perl, Python, awk, sed, Bash, TCL, Snobol, Icon, Bourne Shell, Text Editor and Corrector, C Shell, Tcsh Source Wikipedia 2011 0 0 0.0
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