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Units of Measure

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Example from F#:
// [<Measure>] type N = kg m/sec^2 let force1 = 5.0<kg m/sec^2> let force2 = 5.0<N> force1 = force2 // true
Example from Nemerle:
def m3 = 1 g; def m4 = Si.Mass(m1); WriteLine($"Mass in SI: $m4, in CGS: $m3"); def x1 = Si.Area(1 cm * 10 m); WriteLine($"Area of 1 cm * 10 m = $x1 m");
Example from Modelica:
type SpecificHeatCapacity = Real ( final quantity="SpecificHeatCapacity", final unit="J/(kg.K)" );
Example from Frink:
10 feet 12 feet 8 feet -> gallons
Example from TI-89 series:
54_kg * (_c^2)

Languages with Units of Measure include F#, Nemerle, Modelica, Frink, TI-89 series

Languages without Units of Measure include Python, Bash, Elixir, Cython, C3

Read more about Units of Measure on the web: 1.

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