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Single Dispatch

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Example from Common Lisp:
; (defclass Person () ()) (defmethod frobnicate ((p Person) record spreadsheet) (format t "~a ~a ~a~&" (type-of p) (type-of record) (type-of spreadsheet))) (defclass Asteroid () ()) (defmethod frobnicate ((a Asteroid) velocity size) ; do stuff ) ; At runtime these 2 would be routed to respective methods: (frobnicate a-person his-record big-spreadsheet) (frobnicate an-asteroid very-fast pretty-small)

Languages with Single Dispatch include Java, JavaScript, Python, C++, Swift, TypeScript, Objective-C, Elixir, Common Lisp, Cython, Pizza, Deesel, cooC, Real-Time Concurrent C, Static Typescript

Languages without Single Dispatch include progsbase

Read more about Single Dispatch on the web: 1.

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