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Example from Python, Cython:
# class EssentialFunctioner(LoggerMixin, object):
Example from Ruby:
module A def a1 end def a2 end end module B def b1 end def b2 end end class Sample include A include B def s1 end end samp = samp.a1 samp.a2 samp.b1
// class SmartObject implements Disposable, Activatable { } // Note: still need to do some runtime ops to make that work.
Example from Julia:
# Including the same code in different modules provides mixin-like behavior. module Normal include("mycode.jl") end module Testing include("safe_operators.jl") include("mycode.jl") end
Example from Racket:
(mixin (interface-expr ...) (interface-expr ...) class-clause ...)
Example from Xtext:
grammar org.example.domainmodel.Domainmodel with org.eclipse.xtext.common.Terminals

Languages with Mixins include Python, Ruby, TypeScript, Julia, Racket, Cython, Xtext, Static Typescript

Read more about Mixins on the web: 1.

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