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Async Await

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async doSomething => await somethingElse()
Example from C#:
public async Task<int> FindPageSize(Uri uri) { byte[] data = await new WebClient().DownloadDataTaskAsync(uri); return data.Length; }
Example from bog:
let {print} = import "" let foo = fn() print("foo started") let bar_frame = async bar() print("in foo") let bar_res = await bar_frame print("foo finished") return bar_res let bar = fn() print("bar started") suspend print("bar resumed") suspend print("bar finished") return 1 print("main started") let foo_frame = async foo() print("in main") let res = await foo_frame print("main finished:", res)

Languages with Async Await include JavaScript, C#, TypeScript, Dart, X10, bog, Static Typescript

Languages without Async Await include Ruby, C3, Jule

Read more about Async Await on the web: 1.

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