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var name = "John"
Example from Python, Elixir, Cython:
name = "John"
Example from PHP:
$name = "John"
Example from C#:
int pldb = 80766866;
Example from Ruby:
pldb = 80766866
Example from Swift:
let label = UILabel()
Example from Kotlin:
table = HashMap()
Example from Bash:
Example from Pug:
- var title = "On Dogs: Man's Best Friend"; h1= title
Example from Makefile:
objects = program.o foo.o utils.o
Example from Ini:
[branch "master"] remote = origin merge = refs/heads/master
Example from C3:
a = b;
Example from Ion:
// A subset of symbols called identifiers can be denoted in text without single-quotes.
Example from Jule:
let mut x = 0 x = 20
Example from bog:
let pldb = "pldb"
Example from Cyber:
count = 0
Example from BALGOL:

Languages with Assignment include JavaScript, C, Python, C++, PHP, C#, Fortran, Ruby, R, Go, Swift, Ada, Kotlin, PowerShell, Pascal, Lua, TypeScript, Bash, Objective-C, Elixir, Eiffel, Smalltalk, Nim, Pug, ML, Oberon, AMPL, Simula, BCPL, Dylan, Algol, Makefile, Io, PL/I, Cython, Ini, C3, AutoHotkey, Seed7, Oberon-2, Ion, janet, Reia, PL/M, progsbase, Jule, CPL, Modula, COMPONENT PASCAL, C2, Mary, bog, Cyber, BALGOL, Superplan, Tick C, cooC, Real-Time Concurrent C, ADLIB, Static Typescript, Extended Pascal, PL/I-FORMAC

Languages without Assignment include hecl

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